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Helping small business owners use PR to build their brand and make more profit. 


Want to learn at your own pace? My membership, The Small Business PR Club, will teach you how to use PR to grow your business reputation and profit. This is practical insider advice about how to attract press coverage, boost brand awareness and stand out in a competitive market.


Need personalised advice? Lets work together to to build a  practical PR strategy that gets results. Perhaps you need help editing a pitch or aren’t sure how to approach journalists. I’m here to answer your PR questions and work on your PR outreach to help your business move forward.

The Small Business PR Club 

A PR membership for small business owners

Stop wasting time wondering why your PR strategy isn’t hitting the mark. This online PR membership  will give you all the training you need to secure press coverage for your business including:

  • Step by step PR training to help you contact journalists who are interested in your brand.
  • Access relevant media contact details and daily updates of real time press requests.
  • Connect with national newspapers, magazines and influencers who want to feature your business.

Accessible, affordable support for small business owners who want to build a long-term PR strategy.